Which Social Network Delivers the Most Traffic?

If you’re planning any kind of marketing activity, it’s pretty important to know what kind of return you’re going to get from it.  Social Media is doubly hard, because it combines the creativity of traditional advertising with the accountability of digital.  Assuming that you have a great message that you know will resonate really well […]

Why Fake Reviews are a Bad Idea

Behavioural research is big business.  Every year, millions of pounds are invested in customer research ahead of product launches.  Focus groups, customer panels, beta tests are all used, and all have a place in the product development cycle. The more a business knows about how the market will react to their product, the better they […]

You don’t deserve to rank #1

At some point fairly soon, the underlying rules of SEO are going to change fundamentally.  The growth in the importance of user feedback from social media channels, coupled with the growth in the amount of usable demographic data held by Google means that within the next couple of years, we’re going to see highly personalised […]

Google Circles – What Does it mean?

The idea of Google incorporating some kind of social network into their basic search functionality is nothing new, and the fact is that search relevance in 2011 and beyond needs to be defined by peer recommendation rather than external and uncontrolled factors such as artificial link building.  Google Circles, accidentally announced (and then specifically denied) […]

Facebook / Growing Where?

Probably the only thing more impressive than the growth of the value of Facebook is it’s growth in audience, which is currently in the region of 600 million members: There have been two main stages in Facebook’s growth, the early part where it was slowly gaining acceptance and traction, and then the massive increase in […]

Communities / Live Together, or Die Alone

An online community is much the same as an offline community: a connected group of people with a shared interest.  This could be a social group, people who like the same music, people who are interested in the same kind of sports, or people who share a passion for a type of product. Why you […]

What are Facebook / Twitter Worth?

There have been a lot of rumours flying around over the last couple of weeks about Twitter having a valuation of around $10 billion.  That’s quite a lot of cash for a company that supposedly lost around $40 million last year, and is forecast to do about $150 million in advertising revenue in 2011 according […]