Poll: Do SEOs have a responsibility to report spam?

Another week, and another high profile website receives a dose of the Google Ban Hammer following on from a very public outing over the use of so-called questionable SEO techniques. Milanoo, the fast growing fashion retailer was outed by TechCrunch following an investment from Sequoia Capital, and has subsequently been severely penalised in the Google […]

More Effective Advertising in SEO

Click through rate is a key optimisation metric in most paid channels because there is explicit data regarding the number of page impressions provided by the publisher.  Natural Search and social media activity don’t generally provide marketers with that kind of information although there are ways to approximate it and to produce valid data to […]

Google + Social / Google +1

Google’s latest foray into adding a layer of social media on top of their existing search algorithm is an interesting one. It’s also likely to be colossally important – it will just take a little while. Google +1 is essentially a like button.  Logged in users will see a greyed out version of the +1 […]

SEO. I am Disappoint

When I first got started in SEO, things were different, simpler.  In part this was due to the way in which we measured success.  Success looked like a number one ranking, and an increase in visitors.  We had no idea what conversion rate was normal, so any sales looked good.  Bounce rates didn’t matter because […]

Google Circles – What Does it mean?

The idea of Google incorporating some kind of social network into their basic search functionality is nothing new, and the fact is that search relevance in 2011 and beyond needs to be defined by peer recommendation rather than external and uncontrolled factors such as artificial link building.  Google Circles, accidentally announced (and then specifically denied) […]

Data are useless

…without analysis That might seem a little bit dramatic, but its true.  In the truest sense, data are the basic raw numbers that underlie things.  Without context, they are worthless.  Here are some data: 19, 15, 34, 13, 17, 25, 22 That’s not going to be very helpful to anyone.  Sure you can do things with it, but unless you […]

The Dark Side of SEO gets in the Headlines

Yesterday the New York Times published a story about how a large US retailer had apparently been engaged in some fairly dodgy link buying as part of their SEO activity and consequently been hit by the Google Ban Hammer.  Predictably there followed a mass debate on Twitter and the various SEO forums about the rights […]

Abiding theme 3 / Social Media is Not SEO

But they’re part of the same thing… There was a time not so long ago when SEO and Social Media Marketing were treated as different sides of the same coin, and the people responsible for providing strategic planning in one area would be expected to provide strategic planning in the other.  From the number of […]