Google Encrypted Search

It’s been a while now since Google announced that they were planning to remove keyword level referrer data from search traffic from logged in users on, and despite the initial hysteria about the SEO industry dying (again) as a result of it, the majority of things I’ve heard so far have been that Matt […]

First Mover Advantage Doesn’t Matter

…if you’re moving in the wrong direction. Big numbers are big news, and if you want to know the moment when businesses all over the world “switched on” to thinking about Social Media as being a massive opportunity for driving additional revenue, you need to look no further than December 2008 when it was revealed […]

The Evolution of Links

To provide relevance to users, it is essential for search engine algorithms to take into account the landscape of the web in order to reflect user behaviour and the wider patterns of what is relevant to people at a particular time.  When Google’s PageRank algorithm was first created, the simple fact was that links were […]

Poll: Do SEOs have a responsibility to report spam?

Another week, and another high profile website receives a dose of the Google Ban Hammer following on from a very public outing over the use of so-called questionable SEO techniques. Milanoo, the fast growing fashion retailer was outed by TechCrunch following an investment from Sequoia Capital, and has subsequently been severely penalised in the Google […]

Google: Social Search Gets an Upgrade…

…Now more like normal search. Conventional wisdom is that Google are already incorporating a lot of social media signals into their ranking algorithms – a blog post will typically pick up some super fast rankings if you tweet it – but they keep their actual social search product pretty low key. Google Social Search has […]