Why Fake Reviews are a Bad Idea

Behavioural research is big business.  Every year, millions of pounds are invested in customer research ahead of product launches.  Focus groups, customer panels, beta tests are all used, and all have a place in the product development cycle. The more a business knows about how the market will react to their product, the better they […]

Deserve your rankings: Brand

Google favours brands.  That’s undeniable, from Florida to Vince, and from May Day through to Farmer, you can see an ever increasing emphasis on authority within the search results.  For Authority, read brand. Brands are better for users.  They provide an implicit guarantee of expectations.  A strong brand delivers consistent, expected results to its users, […]

Abiding Themes 4 / The Importance of Brands

Every penny that your business has spent on office space, technology, and recruiting great staff, every advert, every piece of product development, every board decision, every customer interaction, every car in the car park, and every element in your logo contributes to your brand. Whether you’re a corporate multinational, or a sole trader working in […]