Are we having fun yet?

It’s sometimes difficult to fathom out just how much the world has changed in the last 10 years.  The web is ubiquitous.  Our computers are no longer a beige box hidden away in the corner, they’re in our hands, our pockets, and our TV sets.  Everything is on demand: technologies are shifting so quickly and […]

Best SEO & Social Blogs 2011 / Nominations

It’s that time of year when a young man’s (or woman’s) thoughts turn to awards and recognition, and with this in mind, it’s time we ran a little competition. What are the best social media and SEO blogs?  You have until Monday 13th December 2 011 to enter your nominations via the comments form below […]

6 Degrees of Gary Speed

There used to be a paradigm that only only six steps separated us from anyone else on the planet.  The small world phenomenon even spawned a game “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” – there’s even a website for it which allows you to calculate the Bacon number  for any actor based on the movies […]

Deserve your rankings: Brand

Google favours brands.  That’s undeniable, from Florida to Vince, and from May Day through to Farmer, you can see an ever increasing emphasis on authority within the search results.  For Authority, read brand. Brands are better for users.  They provide an implicit guarantee of expectations.  A strong brand delivers consistent, expected results to its users, […]

More effective tracking of Social traffic

When you’re running any kind of online marketing campaign, it’s important to get the best quality data possible in order to measure the quality and value of any traffic that you’re receiving.  Unfortunately, when you’re running social media campaigns, there are numerous factors that get in the way of your data. A lot of social […]

Data are useless

…without analysis That might seem a little bit dramatic, but its true.  In the truest sense, data are the basic raw numbers that underlie things.  Without context, they are worthless.  Here are some data: 19, 15, 34, 13, 17, 25, 22 That’s not going to be very helpful to anyone.  Sure you can do things with it, but unless you […]