50 Million buckets of bullsh*t

As someone who uses Facebook’s data as the basis for targeting advertising campaigns, I’ve found the Cambridge Analytica story quite interesting. However, what I can’t get my head around is the numbers that are being thrown around. Particularly the “up to 50 million” number that keeps appearing. The backstory, in case you’ve been living under […]

Generation Expectation

That title’s probably a bit harsh. Over the weekend, there were a bunch of stories about Elle Darby.  In case you missed it, she’s , the “social media influencer” who got herself into bother from the White Moose Café in Dublin after trying to use her e-fame to blag a few nights free accommodation.  The […]


SEO is pretty straightforward isn’t it? You make sure you get your keyword into the page as much as possible, putting it in <h> tags, the internal links to a page, and ensuring that it appears in the <title> and <meta> elements.  Then you go off and get a load of links to that page […]

Which Social Network Delivers the Most Traffic?

If you’re planning any kind of marketing activity, it’s pretty important to know what kind of return you’re going to get from it.  Social Media is doubly hard, because it combines the creativity of traditional advertising with the accountability of digital.  Assuming that you have a great message that you know will resonate really well […]

10 Google+ Tips for Businesses

The more I use Google+, and the more I see it being used by businesses, the more opportunities I see with the platform.  I’ve posted before about how I believe it is more than just a social network in the way Facebook is, and I stand by that. Google is a search company.  They tell […]

Do you even know what Google+ is?

Last Thursday Google released their financial results for the previous quarter, and from any rational perspective, they did pretty damn well.  Profits in excess of $2 billion, taking their overall profit for the year nicely above the $10 billion mark.  That’s not bad in the middle of the worst recession since the 1920s, however because […]

Your USPs are Neither Unique, nor Selling Points.

Core to any brand is the idea of what makes it special.  What differentiates it from other businesses that operate in the same sector, and in turn why a customer should choose them.  Increasingly, when I’m involved with new engagements with companies, I find myself questioning the ideas they have about what makes them special. […]