$75 Trillion … WTF

Thanks to the increase in high quality streaming services like Spotify, BlinkBox, and LoveFilm, file sharing looks like it might have started to decline recently, however that hasn’t stopped the music industry from filing a frankly ludicrous claim for damages from LimeWire. According to NPD Research closing LimeWire down did lead to a drop in […]

Empire Avenue Social Stock Exchange

I’ve been playing Empire Avenue for about 6 months, and it’s probably the main reason why I’ve become much more prolific at blogging, Tweeting, and generally getting more active within social media. The premise of Empire Avenue is simple.  Users are companies, and their online activity is treated as an asset.  The number of friends […]

Communities / Live Together, or Die Alone

An online community is much the same as an offline community: a connected group of people with a shared interest.  This could be a social group, people who like the same music, people who are interested in the same kind of sports, or people who share a passion for a type of product. Why you […]

Social Media Oscars Predictions

I can barely contain my indifference to the Oscars, but for some people, watching someone else’s industry awards is the highlight of their February, and who am I to argue. Over the past 12 months or so, we’ve had the general election predicted by Social Media, and plenty of research has been carried out to […]

Data are useless

…without analysis That might seem a little bit dramatic, but its true.  In the truest sense, data are the basic raw numbers that underlie things.  Without context, they are worthless.  Here are some data: 19, 15, 34, 13, 17, 25, 22 That’s not going to be very helpful to anyone.  Sure you can do things with it, but unless you […]