SEO. I am Disappoint

When I first got started in SEO, things were different, simpler.  In part this was due to the way in which we measured success.  Success looked like a number one ranking, and an increase in visitors.  We had no idea what conversion rate was normal, so any sales looked good.  Bounce rates didn’t matter because […]

Last Click Doesn’t Win…

…on its own Pretty much every SEO or online marketing campaign I’ve ever been involved in has used last click as the defining metric for success.  In part this is due to the limitations of most analytics packages, but it is also a convenient method of attributing value to different channels. Of course, the problem […]

Quick Note on Conversions

In my last post about EdgeRank, I made the following comment towards the end of the post, which I thought deserved a bit more clarification: Treat being liked as a primary conversion goal, and use tools like Website Optimiser to ensure that the button is placed in the most conversion friendly position on your website. […]

ASA and Social Media / What You Need to Know

Most online advertisers behave themselves and act responsibly in the way in which they promote their services via the internet, but at the same time the massive growth in consumer spending online has attracted a lot of less than scrupulous businesses who make extravagant – and often false – claims about their products, and generally […]