Thoughts on Disclosure for Bloggers and Content Marketers

Last week the ASA released some clarification on the compliance requirements for disclosure on paid for blogs and social media.  The essence of the briefing for bloggers is that if you’re being paid to write a promotional post about a product or business then you’re required to include disclose that you’re being paid to do […]

SEO Forecasting

Accurate forecasting is an essential part of business.  Knowing what return you can expect for a given expenditure is essential in planning any marketing campaign, and SEO is no different.  Forecasting the return of an SEO campaign is inherently difficult:  there are a lot of factors out of your control, however that’s also the case […]

Why Agencies Find Social Media Hard

I’ve had a number of conversations with various people at different digital agencies where there is still a struggle about defining a social media product for their clients.  This applies to guys at media agencies, search agencies, and email agencies, and it’s no real surprise.  When you look at a lot of the offerings that […]

Abiding Themes 8 / Increasing Website Speed

Back in March when it was announced that Larry Page would be taking the reigns at Google as CEO there was an interesting profile about him in Wired Magazine that had a lot of focus on his obsession with measuring things.  Google itself has always been fast, eschewing flashy design in favour of functionality, and with […]

The Real Cost of Cheap SEO

Every marketing channel that a business uses should contribute to the overall profitability of the organisation.  Whether directly by offering an individual positive ROI, or by fostering an improvement in the overall ROI achieved by that business.  An over simplification would be to divide the digital channels into two main areas: Awareness Response Awareness channels […]

More Effective Advertising in SEO

Click through rate is a key optimisation metric in most paid channels because there is explicit data regarding the number of page impressions provided by the publisher.  Natural Search and social media activity don’t generally provide marketers with that kind of information although there are ways to approximate it and to produce valid data to […]