Why Google Bought PostRank

There’s already been plenty said about the the process of overlaying “people” data onto “web” data which is at the core of Google’s move into a more social web, and although the big news this week was that the +1 button has now been launched for websites, Google’s acquisition of PostRank could be a much […]

Using Loss Leaders in Google Shopping

Google Shopping provides very high quality traffic for retail websites, as it is pre-qualified and very targeted.  It’s very simple to set up, and once you’re approved, then you start getting traffic pretty much straight away.  The fact that the results are included into the main natural search results for many product and generic search […]

The Evolution of Links

To provide relevance to users, it is essential for search engine algorithms to take into account the landscape of the web in order to reflect user behaviour and the wider patterns of what is relevant to people at a particular time.  When Google’s PageRank algorithm was first created, the simple fact was that links were […]

Poll: Do SEOs have a responsibility to report spam?

Another week, and another high profile website receives a dose of the Google Ban Hammer following on from a very public outing over the use of so-called questionable SEO techniques. Milanoo, the fast growing fashion retailer was outed by TechCrunch following an investment from Sequoia Capital, and has subsequently been severely penalised in the Google […]

You don’t deserve to rank #1

At some point fairly soon, the underlying rules of SEO are going to change fundamentally.  The growth in the importance of user feedback from social media channels, coupled with the growth in the amount of usable demographic data held by Google means that within the next couple of years, we’re going to see highly personalised […]

Google + Social / Google +1

Google’s latest foray into adding a layer of social media on top of their existing search algorithm is an interesting one. It’s also likely to be colossally important – it will just take a little while. Google +1 is essentially a like button.  Logged in users will see a greyed out version of the +1 […]

Optimising for Internal Search

From a usability perspective, incorporating a search function into a website is a good idea.  The current paradigm for finding information online is to visit a search engine – most often Google – and then type in your query before receiving the 10 most relevant websites back as a set of results. Most ecommerce systems […]