Stop Using Obvious Anchor Text

I generally take the view that search engine algorithms are written to approximate human perception of relevance.  They are also structured in such a way as to apply value to their ranking factors based on generalisations of human behaviour.  In theory, a website that better reflects human behaviour will be one that receives better search […]

Better Attribution of Sources

I’ve blogged before about the importance of linking out in order to establish credibility for your content in line with the expectations of Google’s PageRank algorithm.  Proper citation of sources is an essential aspect of the academic model that PageRank derives from and it lends a great deal of weight to content if it is to […]

First Mover Advantage Doesn’t Matter

…if you’re moving in the wrong direction. Big numbers are big news, and if you want to know the moment when businesses all over the world “switched on” to thinking about Social Media as being a massive opportunity for driving additional revenue, you need to look no further than December 2008 when it was revealed […]

Taming the Panda

Over the past couple of months I’ve been involved in a lot of discussions about the Google Panda Update at conferences and also as part of work I’ve done providing material for a couple of magazines.  Despite having been originally rolled out back in February in the US, and April in other territories, Panda remains […]