Which Social Network Delivers the Most Traffic?

If you’re planning any kind of marketing activity, it’s pretty important to know what kind of return you’re going to get from it.  Social Media is doubly hard, because it combines the creativity of traditional advertising with the accountability of digital.  Assuming that you have a great message that you know will resonate really well […]

Facebook’s $100 Billion IPO

Back in February, I posted about the value of Facebook and Twitter.  This was at a time where a big investment from Goldman Sachs had put them at around the $50 billion mark.  Back then, with just (!) 600 million users, the value of each user was about $83.  The current figure places the per […]

Abiding themes 9 / Power to the People

There is no denying that the increase in the ability of individuals to communicate through social media channels has allowed greater freedom of expression, and given people a stronger voice than they have had before.  With Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, the opinion of a single person can be transmitted around the world almost instantly, and […]

Make Facebook Your Home Page?

Back in the day, pretty much every website you visited wanted to be your home page, and offered you the opportunity to “choose them”.  I was never certain why I would want to have something like Johns-Televisions.co.uk as my home page, so I just stuck with Google. Times change though, and all 4 of the […]