Digital Smears

Remember Google bombing?  It was that thing a long time ago where by linking to a page using specific anchor text you could get it to rank for that phrase.  It meant that when you searched for miserable failure in Google, the top ranking result was for President Dubya.  Google bombing worked because SEO and […]

Your USPs are Neither Unique, nor Selling Points.

Core to any brand is the idea of what makes it special.  What differentiates it from other businesses that operate in the same sector, and in turn why a customer should choose them.  Increasingly, when I’m involved with new engagements with companies, I find myself questioning the ideas they have about what makes them special. […]

Online Reputation Protection

When you look at the traffic data from a well established website with a recognised brand you will see that around a third of traffic comes from brand terms, and that this traffic converts around twice as well as non brand or generic traffic.  In part this is due to the research / conversion process […]

Why Fake Reviews are a Bad Idea

Behavioural research is big business.  Every year, millions of pounds are invested in customer research ahead of product launches.  Focus groups, customer panels, beta tests are all used, and all have a place in the product development cycle. The more a business knows about how the market will react to their product, the better they […]

Deserve your rankings: Brand

Google favours brands.  That’s undeniable, from Florida to Vince, and from May Day through to Farmer, you can see an ever increasing emphasis on authority within the search results.  For Authority, read brand. Brands are better for users.  They provide an implicit guarantee of expectations.  A strong brand delivers consistent, expected results to its users, […]