Oh Semalt. What are you doing now?

My exposure to Semalt is pretty much limited to filtering their crawlers from websites and removing their referrer from Analytics so my data isn’t being uselessly polluted with visits that never happened.  I’m sure that some people probably get some benefit from them, but given that their website doesn’t actually say what they do, it’s difficult to give a reasonable opinion. […]

Link Networks: The links are the footprint

Google’s been a lot more aggressive in going after spam over the past couple of years.  Aside from the headline updates like Penguin and Panda, there’s also been a few high profile penalisations handed out – most recently Rap Genius got a brief kicking for some obvious spamming. The one area that Google (and by […]

Thoughts on Disclosure for Bloggers and Content Marketers

Last week the ASA released some clarification on the compliance requirements for disclosure on paid for blogs and social media.  The essence of the briefing for bloggers is that if you’re being paid to write a promotional post about a product or business then you’re required to include disclose that you’re being paid to do […]

SEO’s Not Dead Until I Say So

Here’s a Google Trends Chart showing the UK search interest in a few SEO type keywords: See those barely visible lines at the bottom of the chart. That’s where “content marketing” and “inbound marketing” are in relation too SEO.  Link Building’s down there too, but that’s our dirty little secret isn’t it.  We don’t talk […]

Orange Customer Services: Unhelpful, Rude, Arrogant

Orange Customer Services are unhelpful, truculent, dishonest robots with no concept of customer care.  They’re not my favourite people at the moment.  In addition to the above, I’ve found them evasive, uninformed and unempowered, and the experiences I’ve had are of a team who are de-motivated to the point where they treat customers as an […]

Wake Up SEO

The fact that there have been so many plausible theories put out about why Interflora got penalised says a lot about how far over the line they’d gone with their SEO recently. We had @searchmartin‘s theory about Interflora overdoing the guest post / blogger outreach thing.  A bunch of bloggers getting free stuff in exchange […]

Are we having fun yet?

It’s sometimes difficult to fathom out just how much the world has changed in the last 10 years.  The web is ubiquitous.  Our computers are no longer a beige box hidden away in the corner, they’re in our hands, our pockets, and our TV sets.  Everything is on demand: technologies are shifting so quickly and […]