About Quumf / James Lowery

Back in the mid 1990s when I was a student at Essex University, I was introduced to the Internet.  It was early days for the Web back then – there was no Google, no Twitter, and most definitely no Facebook.  In fact, there wasn’t a great deal of anything – except for excitement.

At the time, comparatively few people were on line, although even then, it was pretty clear that the web was likely to change pretty much everything.  Back then, slow connections and a lack of ways to find what you wanted easily limited what you could do with the Internet, but over time, all that has changed.

In the past 15 years, a lot has changed, Google came along and made things more accessible, broadband speed meant that you could get around faster, and with the development of user contribution and simple publishing technology, the barriers to entry pretty much evaporated.

Right now, I’m lucky enough to work at the cutting edge of the web – I’m the Head of SEO at one of the UK’s largest digital marketing agencies. I say lucky, because every day I see something that excites me.  Even after 15 years of exploring the web, I still find new stuff, still learn new things, and still get entertained, shocked, and educated as much as I did the first time I fired up Mosaic on a 386 PC running Windows 3.1 in a computer lab in Colchester.

This blog is about search, social media, and digital strategies that close the gap between publishers and consumers.  It’s about the ways in which we communicate have changed, and about the ways in which I believe that people who embrace that change can influence the world around them.

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