6 Degrees of Gary Speed

There used to be a paradigm that only only six steps separated us from anyone else on the planet.  The small world phenomenon even spawned a game “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” – there’s even a website for it which allows you to calculate the Bacon number  for any actor based on the movies […]

Cloaking still works … Why

Although there are plenty of reasons why you might want to use cloaking techniques for your website – having a conditional redirect that pushes people through to a mobile version of your website if they arrive using a mobile phone is one – it’s pretty much a technique that has been consigned to the depths […]

Google Encrypted Search

It’s been a while now since Google announced that they were planning to remove keyword level referrer data from search traffic from logged in users on Google.com, and despite the initial hysteria about the SEO industry dying (again) as a result of it, the majority of things I’ve heard so far have been that Matt […]