Speaking at the Figaro Social Media Conference

Last week, on behalf of Latitude, I presented about social  marketing at the Figaro Digital Social media conference at the Magic Circle.  It was a phenomenal venue to speak at, and a really great day with some excellent presenters from a range of agencies and businesses who are engaged in social media.

I talked about a few different ideas during the session, stressing the need for proper audience research in social marketing.  I suggested that in many cases, smaller enterprises have a natural affinity with social marketing due to the way   in which they are more engaged with their customers as individuals than larger corporations can be.

I spent a lot of time discussing the need to be willing to market one to one with potential customers through social channels and the difficulty in making this approach scalable.  My proposed solution was to find a community of brand advocates within related forums and to reward them for their evangelism.  I touched on the importance of having specific goals for any social marketing activity in order to make it measurable while also stressing the difficulty

I referenced a 1989 paper by Paul Pangaro which had as its subject the architecture of conversation, which was produced following a study to improve organisational communication within large corporations.  I’d highly recommend reading this.

There were some other great presenters on the day including Sarah Carter from Actiance  John Bennet from Syzygy and  Hal Stokes at Essence.  Also worth mentioning was James Paterson who leads the social strategy for O2 who all delivered great insight into the state of the art.

I’ve embedded my slides from the event below.  Figaro are going to post the videos from the day on their site later this week.