Better Attribution of Sources

I’ve blogged before about the importance of linking out in order to establish credibility for your content in line with the expectations of Google’s PageRank algorithm.  Proper citation of sources is an essential aspect of the academic model that PageRank derives from and it lends a great deal of weight to content if it is to […]

Conversion Friendly Web Design

There was an interesting story on The Independent today that cited a study about how badly designed websites have cost businesses around £500 million in sales over the past 3 years.  At first glance, that’s a statistic that makes you think that the phones would be ringing off the hook at design agencies around the […]

Why Fake Reviews are a Bad Idea

Behavioural research is big business.  Every year, millions of pounds are invested in customer research ahead of product launches.  Focus groups, customer panels, beta tests are all used, and all have a place in the product development cycle. The more a business knows about how the market will react to their product, the better they […]