Renault Scenic (Test Post)

Well, to begin with, a post about the Renault Scenic might seem a little out of place on a blog that is ostensibly about social media and SEO, however bear with me, because in this case, the Renault Scenic is actually highly relevant to SEO in the context of this particular blog post.

If you’re actually more interested in the car than online marketing techniques, then your best bet might be to visit Renault’s website where you can find out plenty of information about the Renault Scenic.

What I’m actually trying to do is to test how easy it is to leverage universal search visibility in order to gain traffic for a comparatively high volume search term such as Renault Scenic, which according to the Google Keyword tool gets around 12,100 searches each month.  Currently, the search results for the term look like this:

There’s images showing in position 6.  I’ve deliberately used a numeric file name for the image here, and placed no caption or alt attributes.  In the image of a Renault Scenic below, I have used a variety of signals that the image is relevant to a Renault Scenic.  I’ve also used a picture of a car that is obviously a car in order to provide an additional signal to Google based on their image recognition algorithms.  So here we go.

Renault Scenic Image

Here’s a picture of a Renault Scenic:

Renault Scenic
Renault Scenic

This picture of a Renault Scenic uses renault-scenic as it’s file name, title, description, and also as the h3 element that introduces this section of the page.  You’ll also notice that the post heading, URL, and internal links within the blog also use “Renault Scenic” within them.  All in all  it probably goes too far if I was hoping to rank the page within the standard search results, but my main goal is image search.  Specifically for the purposes of getting in the universal search pull through, because I want to get a feel for the traffic volume that this generates.

I’ll feed back in a couple of weeks about the results of the test.