SEO Forecasting

Accurate forecasting is an essential part of business.  Knowing what return you can expect for a given expenditure is essential in planning any marketing campaign, and SEO is no different.  Forecasting the return of an SEO campaign is inherently difficult:  there are a lot of factors out of your control, however that’s also the case […]

Deserve your rankings: Brand

Google favours brands.  That’s undeniable, from Florida to Vince, and from May Day through to Farmer, you can see an ever increasing emphasis on authority within the search results.  For Authority, read brand. Brands are better for users.  They provide an implicit guarantee of expectations.  A strong brand delivers consistent, expected results to its users, […]

Not Ready for Social Media?

Last month… …Facebook announced that they had hit 750 million users including roughly half the UK population. …Twitter told the world that they had hit 200 million users with almost half a million new accounts each day. …While it was invitation only, Google+ clocked up more than 20 million users in about 3 weeks. …The strength of […]