Rule #1 / What goes up, must come down…

Ultimately, every great power wanes.  Growth gives wealth, wealth creates decadence, decadence builds into stagnation, and stagnation leads to decline.  Whether over centuries like the Roman Empire,  or in the blink of an eye like MySpace, a position of power is temporary.  Sooner or later, someone will come along with something better, be hungrier, and […]

Taming the Panda

Over the past couple of months I’ve been involved in a lot of discussions about the Google Panda Update at conferences and also as part of work I’ve done providing material for a couple of magazines.  Despite having been originally rolled out back in February in the US, and April in other territories, Panda remains […]

Better To Do Lists

In SEO, the biggest factor that can impact on success is the amount of time you can spend on your activity. Whether it is time you want to spend writing content, sourcing links, or performing analysis on your traffic to find new opportunities for gains, the key factor is time.  The more efficiently you can […]

Twitter Chats – skipping the noise

Twitter’s greatest strength is also it’s greatest weakness.  The eclectic nature of the stream of consciousness micro posts that flows across your page contains everything from celebrity gossip and breaking news through to updates from friends and industry insight.  A user that follows a lot of people follows a lot of noise, and will often […]

Why Google Bought PostRank

There’s already been plenty said about the the process of overlaying “people” data onto “web” data which is at the core of Google’s move into a more social web, and although the big news this week was that the +1 button has now been launched for websites, Google’s acquisition of PostRank could be a much […]