5 reasons why your Social Media Campaign is Shit

Hey there hipster, the chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve got some kind of internet thing going on, and you’re spending a lot of time reaching out to users and trying to get them to engage with your online presence in new and exciting ways.  Perhaps you want to

Identify relevant and compelling hooks for the audience, create content around the hooks and integrate it into their social repertoires


Enhance the customer experience by facilitating authentic conversations

Either way, you’re probably just pissing people off.  Anyway, here’s 5 reasons why your social media strategy is shit.

1: You’re running a tweet to win contest

Oh, here’s an idea says the fool in the corner, lets run a campaign where we get a stack of new followers for our business by running a prize draw where, get this, people enter by following our corporate Twitter account, and then retweeting a message.

Yeah, no-one’s thought of that before.

There are loads of reasons why this is a crap idea, but the main one is about retention.  Sure this might get you a few new followers, but how bothered are they going to be about you and your product?  If you get a load of unrelated fans, they’re not going to be engaged with you, and all you’ll be doing is wasting the cost of whatever price you’re offering for a little bit of publicity.

2: You don’t listen

Fantastic idea, enter a world of the two way conversation, and then don’t bother paying any attention to what people are saying.

Did you ever think that the reason everyone is complaining about your service is because it is bad?  Did you ever consider that if people think your  products are low quality or your staff are rude that they are?  Instead of spending money and time in trying to hide the truth, why not spend the time and money on making things better?

3: You don’t know what you want to do

One minute you’re trying to listen to opinion, but that’s not delivering ROI, so you start some social advertising, but then you realise that you need to get a decent sized audience to listen to you, so you start trying to recruit people, but that’s not working, so you do something else.

If you want social media to work, you need to have a goal that you work to.  A lot of social campaigns “fail” because the metric for success hasn’t been clearly enough defined, or is inapplicable to the work that you’re doing.  Are you really going to set a sales goal for a campaign about awareness?

4: You’re doing it in the wrong place

Sure, 30 million people in the UK are on Facebook, and there are now 200 million worldwide Twitter users, but is that the right place for your campaign?  If your campaign is failing to deliver against expectations, then the chances are that you don’t know enough about your audience to talk to them in the right way – or in the right place.  Perhaps people don’t want to hear about office supplies on Facebook…

5: You’re trying to buy friends

And in some cases, not just trying.  You don’t need to give things away, just give something back.  If you want social media to work for you, you need to share a little piece of identity with the community, let the audience have a say in the discussion, make then know that their opinion is not just valued, but valuable.