Abiding Themes 8 / Increasing Website Speed

Back in March when it was announced that Larry Page would be taking the reigns at Google as CEO there was an interesting profile about him in Wired Magazine that had a lot of focus on his obsession with measuring things.  Google itself has always been fast, eschewing flashy design in favour of functionality, and with […]

Using Loss Leaders in Google Shopping

Google Shopping provides very high quality traffic for retail websites, as it is pre-qualified and very targeted.  It’s very simple to set up, and once you’re approved, then you start getting traffic pretty much straight away.  The fact that the results are included into the main natural search results for many product and generic search […]

The Real Cost of Cheap SEO

Every marketing channel that a business uses should contribute to the overall profitability of the organisation.  Whether directly by offering an individual positive ROI, or by fostering an improvement in the overall ROI achieved by that business.  An over simplification would be to divide the digital channels into two main areas: Awareness Response Awareness channels […]

The Evolution of Links

To provide relevance to users, it is essential for search engine algorithms to take into account the landscape of the web in order to reflect user behaviour and the wider patterns of what is relevant to people at a particular time.  When Google’s PageRank algorithm was first created, the simple fact was that links were […]