You don’t deserve to rank #1

At some point fairly soon, the underlying rules of SEO are going to change fundamentally.  The growth in the importance of user feedback from social media channels, coupled with the growth in the amount of usable demographic data held by Google means that within the next couple of years, we’re going to see highly personalised […]

Flock dies?

I’ve sporadically used Flock over the past few years, and I liked a lot of what it did, so it’s a disappointment to hear that support is being dropped later this month. Arguably Flock was a little bit ahead of its time.  When it Launched in 2005 there was no Twitter, and Facebook was still […]

More Effective Advertising in SEO

Click through rate is a key optimisation metric in most paid channels because there is explicit data regarding the number of page impressions provided by the publisher.  Natural Search and social media activity don’t generally provide marketers with that kind of information although there are ways to approximate it and to produce valid data to […]