Empire Avenue Social Stock Exchange

I’ve been playing Empire Avenue for about 6 months, and it’s probably the main reason why I’ve become much more prolific at blogging, Tweeting, and generally getting more active within social media. The premise of Empire Avenue is simple.  Users are companies, and their online activity is treated as an asset.  The number of friends […]

Google Farmer Update / User Experience

There has already been plenty written about the Google Farmer (or alternatively Google Panda) Update over the past few weeks.  The decision to batter so-called content farms algorithmically with lower visibility based on the quality of the content that was being published was met with a completely mixed response. On the one hand, you had […]

Google Circles – What Does it mean?

The idea of Google incorporating some kind of social network into their basic search functionality is nothing new, and the fact is that search relevance in 2011 and beyond needs to be defined by peer recommendation rather than external and uncontrolled factors such as artificial link building.  Google Circles, accidentally announced (and then specifically denied) […]

Getting Yahoo Answers Traffic

I wrote a post about Quora taking a more authoritative approach to Q&A than other existing mass market answers websites, and it has had plenty of traction, and tonnes of coverage off the back of it.  What it hasn’t had is the expected influx of new visitors.  Sure, it’s getting traction, but it’s not really […]

Social Growth

Facebook’s phenomenal rate of growth over the past few years has meant that more than half a billion people around the world are now using the social network to communicate and engage with friends and businesses. I was doing some research this week for a presentation I was giving at the Latitude Client Summit, and […]

Social Shopping

There are two types of offline shopping.  There is the type that I do – especially around Christmas – which involves rushing into town, buying the exact things I went for, and getting home.  Hopefully in the space of an hour.  There is also the type that my wife likes to do, which involves taking […]

Quick Note on Conversions

In my last post about EdgeRank, I made the following comment towards the end of the post, which I thought deserved a bit more clarification: Treat being liked as a primary conversion goal, and use tools like Website Optimiser to ensure that the button is placed in the most conversion friendly position on your website. […]