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It can be pretty tricky getting the tone of voice right on a company blog.  Too formal, and you run the risk of not really engaging with your readers, too informal and you lack credibility…

Beyond that, it’s also important to remember that  in mind that formality is relative.  Being too informal within the insurance industry may still be too formal within the fashion or music industry.

In many ways the tone of voice that your blog features  should come back to how you want your brand to be perceived – relaxed, laid back, or thoughtful and analytical.

Look at the types of words that would relate to that perception, and the type of phrasing that would work.
You wouldn;t necessarily expect the CEO to write in the same way as an intern, but in fact, the CEO should be the defining tone of the company – their vision should be the banner that all others stand behind.

Overall, when defining the tone of voice for your company blog, think about the tone of voice of your company.  Think about the things that define your brand, the keywords that best describe how people see your company, and build an identity for your blog that relates to that.

Alternatively, think about the way you would like your company to be seen if it was a person, and build this into the way in which posts are written.

Are you analytical or creative, do you deal in data or ideas, are your products aimed at a professional organisation, or a mother of young children.

How do you think your audience wants to be addressed?

What is their expectation of your blog?

Ultimately, your blog is there for your readers not you, it is a source of information for them, so write for them.

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  1. “Ultimately, your blog is there for your readers not you, it is a source of information for them, so write for them.”

    I think this is good advice for all writers to keep in mind, unless they’re writing their thoughts in a private diary. It’s ALL about the reader, ALL about the conversation.

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