Google + Social / Google +1

Google’s latest foray into adding a layer of social media on top of their existing search algorithm is an interesting one. It’s also likely to be colossally important – it will just take a little while. Google +1 is essentially a like button.  Logged in users will see a greyed out version of the +1 […]

SEO. I am Disappoint

When I first got started in SEO, things were different, simpler.  In part this was due to the way in which we measured success.  Success looked like a number one ranking, and an increase in visitors.  We had no idea what conversion rate was normal, so any sales looked good.  Bounce rates didn’t matter because […]

Branding / The Tone of Voice for Blogging

It can be pretty tricky getting the tone of voice right on a company blog.  Too formal, and you run the risk of not really engaging with your readers, too informal and you lack credibility… Beyond that, it’s also important to remember that  in mind that formality is relative.  Being too informal within the insurance […]

$75 Trillion … WTF

Thanks to the increase in high quality streaming services like Spotify, BlinkBox, and LoveFilm, file sharing looks like it might have started to decline recently, however that hasn’t stopped the music industry from filing a frankly ludicrous claim for damages from LimeWire. According to NPD Research closing LimeWire down did lead to a drop in […]

Make Facebook Your Home Page?

Back in the day, pretty much every website you visited wanted to be your home page, and offered you the opportunity to “choose them”.  I was never certain why I would want to have something like as my home page, so I just stuck with Google. Times change though, and all 4 of the […]

Optimising for Internal Search

From a usability perspective, incorporating a search function into a website is a good idea.  The current paradigm for finding information online is to visit a search engine – most often Google – and then type in your query before receiving the 10 most relevant websites back as a set of results. Most ecommerce systems […]

Last Click Doesn’t Win…

…on its own Pretty much every SEO or online marketing campaign I’ve ever been involved in has used last click as the defining metric for success.  In part this is due to the limitations of most analytics packages, but it is also a convenient method of attributing value to different channels. Of course, the problem […]

Tweet With F$%&@#G Care / Or Fake it

The whole Chrysler Twitter story has finally sputtered and juddered to its inevitable conclusion with the US manufacturer dismissing New Media Strategies , the Social Media and Online Reputation Management company who had been running the account. According to the statement made by the social agency, they had 20 people working on the Chrysler account, […]