Exactly What I Wanted

I wrote a post yesterday that was basically about using data gathered from observing systems to predict future behaviour within those systems.

I used diabetes as a means of illustrating a complex system, and when I tweeted the post, I used the #hastag “#diabetes”.

Almost immediately, I received a response that looked like this:

The idea of automating a Tweeted response to a trigger keyword is nothing new, and a lot of people are doing it: I wrote a piece of software a while ago that was designed to automate response advertising via Twitter based on keyword usage – contact me if you’re interested in it, I’ve kind of let it wither…

Anyway, I thought I’d pay a visit to the website that was being linked to, and found this:

An irrelevant spam website.

The point is, clearly InezCGrant0’s creator has invested a certain amount of time into building a Twitter advertising system, and then selecting a list of keywords that they wanted to target, and writing adverts that are reasonably compelling to attract users to click.

Then, rather than providing some content that they can monetise based on their audience, they just directed me to yet another crappy make money online website.