Communities / Live Together, or Die Alone

An online community is much the same as an offline community: a connected group of people with a shared interest.  This could be a social group, people who like the same music, people who are interested in the same kind of sports, or people who share a passion for a type of product. Why you […]

Social Media Oscars Predictions

I can barely contain my indifference to the Oscars, but for some people, watching someone else’s industry awards is the highlight of their February, and who am I to argue. Over the past 12 months or so, we’ve had the general election predicted by Social Media, and plenty of research has been carried out to […]

Follower Count: The New Hit Counter

We live in an age of data, in which statistical analysis has replaced theological discussion in the search for the truth, and where heightened probability is the closest we ever get to absolute reality.  Or it might be, it all depends on what the numbers say. Evolving Metrics When I first got involved in SEO, […]

More effective tracking of Social traffic

When you’re running any kind of online marketing campaign, it’s important to get the best quality data possible in order to measure the quality and value of any traffic that you’re receiving.  Unfortunately, when you’re running social media campaigns, there are numerous factors that get in the way of your data. A lot of social […]

5 Steps to Build Traffic from Wikipedia

According to Alexa, Wikipedia is the 8th most popular website – and with good reason.  At the time of writing, the English version of the encyclopedia had more than 3.5 million articles covering everything from higher mathematics through to individual episodes of the Simpsons.  The site has become the de facto source of information and […]